Events 2024

Online Event

Online Talk Series                                                                     18 June to 29 October 2024

GloQur Conversations on Qurʾān Translation

Events 2023

Hybrid event
(Freiburg & online)

Workshop                                                                                           October 4–5, 2023

International Graduate Student Workshop
Muslim Qur'an Translation:
History, Society, Culture, Exegesis

Events 2022

Organised by
GloQur – The Global Qur’an
(funded by the ERC)

Workshop                                                                                              October 14-15, 2022

Nation States and the Qur’an: Translators, Narratives and Debates in the Post -Soviet Space

October 14–15, 2022



International Research Workshop, Freiburg

Nation States and the Qur’an Translators, Narratives and Debates in the Post-Soviet Space

Call for Papers

Organised by
GloQur – The Global Qur’an
(funded by the ERC)

Call for Papers

Organised by
GloQur – The Global Qur’an
(funded by the ERC)

International Workshop


June 21–22, 2022

Daʿwa and Qur’an translation in the first decades of the 20th century


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March 30, 2022

3–4.15pm CET

Online lecture

A Scientific Reading of Q. 23:14: The Perception of Embryonic Development in Contemporary daᶜwa

Melanie Guénon

University of Hamburg
Ulya Fikriyati,
Muhammad Fathur Rozaq
and Muhammad Saifullah,
Iin Parninsih
and Muhammad Alwi HS,
Lenni Lestari,
Fadhli Lukman

Online workshop                                                                                              March 21, 2022

Daʿwa and Qur’an Translation in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Indonesia

Events 2021

Waleed Bleyhesh al-Amri,
Amatullah “AJ” Bantleyl,
Arek Miernik,
Sjahdian Siregar,
George Muishout

Online seminar


October 30, 2021

4-7pm CEST

Current trends in Qurʾān translation: Translators’ experiences

September 29, 2021

5-6pm CEST

Online lecture

One Hundred Years of Japanese Translations of the Qur'an: 1920-2019

Emi Goto

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Z. Hale Eroğlu

Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Online lecture


September 15, 2021

4-5pm CEST

The Ahmadiyya Influence and Quran translation in Republican China